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Empower your business with our comprehensive petroleum business coaching program, M-Power. This total education system will help you and your team learn to:

  • Grow faster AND smarter
  • Make your team happier and more productive
  • Streamline processes for higher profit
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Boost cash flow (no matter how good or bad now!)

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The Petro Industry is always changing. Get up-to-the-minute education to stay ahead of the pack with a membership to PetroAnswers. Start your 30-day $1 trial today and get straight-talk answers about critical topics via:

  • Hot Topics Webinars
  • Best practices tools and calculators
  • Monthly Huddles
  • And more!


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Industry Experience. Professional Expertise.

Buying or selling a petro business? From market valuation to know the exact right price to getting smoothly to closing day, we’re here to help each step of the way. Meridian maintains the most trusted and complete database of privately held petroleum businesses in the nation.  Meridian will find a qualified match, negotiate the absolute best price, most agreeable terms, and provide complete confidentiality. Utilizing our database of thousands of petroleum marketers nationwide and our own extensive customer base, we have access to qualified buyers from coast to coast.



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Industry experience, professional expertise, and a faith-based work ethic that centers on accountability and results. That’s what Meridian is all about.

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When it comes to petroleum cash flow, no one is better known and more respected than Betsi Bixby. She is in high demand as a speaker by many of North America's top refiners and professional petroleum associations. Her message has reached countless marketers in all 50 states at virtually every major petroleum event.

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Since 1991, we’ve valued more than 3,500 petroleum, propane, lubricant and C-store companies. By specializing in your industry, we give you far greater accuracy than other firms. We know your business is more than just a number.

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