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Ready to Buy a Petro Business – Before you submit an offer, you need to know the petro business value. Offer a far-below market price to a seller, and you run the risk of total alienation and losing a possible strategic acquisition. Offer too much, and you may dilute your own company value by reducing your current rate on return. Meridian understands you want to buy right, achieve a quick pay back, and incentivize a seller to cooperatively retain customers post closing. We confidentially provide true market value as well as sage advice on the risk/reward and negotiation elements of buying right.

Considering Selling Your Petro Business? You need to know the exact petro business value of your petro company. Trusting your data to an outside source like Meridian, and not knowing what the value number might be, can be a intimidating. Don’t let that keep you from acting. Here’s why. Sometimes your company is worth far more than a buyer is offering. We’ve seen that over and over. Other times, the number you want is not realistic and we can save you years of waiting for a buyer who will never come. A Meridian valuation provides you with deep comfort and puts you in the driver seat with people who may want to buy your petro business.

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