For Special Purposes

There are several reasons why you should consider a petro business valuation. In many circumstances, business owners choose to have a valuation completed for planning or legal purposes. Our Petro business experts have been providing petro business valuations for more than 20 years and have experience managing very simple to highly complex situations.

Estate Planning – Most estate attorneys want an outside petro expert to establish a value that will satisfy IRS requirements and give them legal separation from the value portion of their legal and trust work. Meridian meets highest standards as true industry experts including all petro sectors and brands.

Gift Tax Returns – CPAs realize the petro industry has unique characteristics making valuation difficult without specific industry data. That’s why so many CPAs have come to rely upon Meridian’s expertise and large proprietary database of family held petroleum businesses. Because Meridian has over two decades of experience in providing petro business valuations, even the IRS respects Meridian valuations.

Banking/Loan Reviews – In the competitive banking environment, bankers often need justification beyond typical balance sheet collateral to offer petro marketers their absolute lowest, best customer rates. Meridian works with both the marketer and banker to assure accuracy and address individual Credit Committee needs.

Divorce, Family Separations and Partner Buy/Sell Agreements – Most marketers want these special transactions to be completely unbiased and completely confidential. Meridian goes beyond setting the value to recommending strategic and objective solutions to sticky situations including separating out assets in fair and equitable manner.

Employee Stock Options – Most ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plans) require an annual independent expert valuation by law. Meridian provides consistency, plus we understand the current market conditions in the industry that impact value, for more accuracy than old-fashioned EBITDA-based formulas.

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