Meridian Good Faith Promise

Good Faith Promise

When you get advice from Meridian, you can trust that it’s good. We know the things that we tell you are going to work, and that’s why we invented the Good Faith Promise: a guarantee that you’ll be happy with Meridian’s program.

With over 20 years of making petroleum marketers more successful, we know that you’ll benefit from our advice. If you feel that you haven’t, we’ll gladly provide you with a full refund. That’s our promise to you.

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The Faith & Family Approach

Every team member of the Meridian family follows the values instilled by the company’s founder, Betsi Bixby. Betsi founded the company on the basic but solid principles of “faith and family first” and this transcends to all aspects of our offerings.

The foundation of Meridian’s business, rooted in a deep faith in God, touches every part of what we do:

  • Treating our clients like family
  • Providing you with a team united by a strong work ethic
  • A belief in honesty and accountability
  • Delivering fair value along with our offerings

Let us offer you the smartest solutions from our responsible and hardworking team.

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