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The M-Power™ Coaching Program is a comprehensive petroleum business training program designed to help you create more customers, build better operations and make more profit for your business.

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About M-PowerTM

Betsi Bixby and Meridian have been helping petroleum businesses like yours create hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue and savings for years.


What you get with M-PowerTM

  • Monthly private CEO coaching for you
  • Support for your entire team
  • Live events
  • Webinars
  • Customized analytical reports
  • Tons of educational resources
  • And so much more!

What you'll learn with M-PowerTM

  • How to improve cash flow
  • How to see where you stand in comparison with other companies
  • Increasing your company's market value

Being in M-power has been an extremely valuable to improving our bottom line. With the training we have received from being a member, we have increased our profits, have better hiring practices, and overall process improvements across the enterprise, just to name few of the benefits.

Jodi Teal, President, Davidson Oil / Flying Star Transport - Amarillo, TX



Monthly CEO Private Consultations

Monthly CEO Private Consultations

Whether you simply want the hottest industry intel or have a touchy personnel or family issue that needs an outside eye, you get direct access to Betsi once a month to set the agenda for driving your company to even greater success.

Monthly Team Coaching and Training Sessions

Monthly Team Coaching & Training Sessions

We’ll explore sales and customers, driving efficiency, gaining competitive advantage, powerful yet simple internal communication techniques, and more! Each month, Meridian brings you our best based on the changing marketplace needs.

Direct Hotline Access

Direct Hotline Access

When you or any member of your team is in the heat of battle and need an answer right now, perhaps even with a critical decision, we are here for you. Just pick up the phone! Only our Elite Members have this access.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Knowing your company’s market value is smart business. Our team of experts will show you how to make small changes that will have a big effect on your company’s overall worth. Our valuations are so accurate they are commonly accepted by banks and the IRS without question.

Key Competitive Analysis

Key Competitive Analysis

We boil down all the available data to just the things that really matter in this concise report that shows how you stack up to your competitors. Plus, you’ll get pinpoint clarity on your biggest opportunities. Always confidential, with Meridian, your data is never shared or sold.

Unlimited Access to PetroAnswers

Unlimited Access to PetroAnswers

No matter what your business needs, you’ll find an answer on our 24/7 resource site, PetroAnswers. These articles, calculators, samples and tools were compiled over two decades of working with petro companies. Download them for a permanent training tool for new hires.

PetroAnswers also includes monthly computer-based training such as:

Expert Webinars – Always getting right to the heart of what will make you more money. Always recorded for your convenience.

Sales Huddle – Sales managers get strategic training for their teams so they can hit their company volume and margin targets.

CFO Huddle – Chief Financial Officers and/or controllers learn best finance practices.

Credit Huddle – For petro credit managers to exchange information so you get dollars in the door faster.

Tech Huddle – Find out what’s working and what’s not before you invest.

Truck Huddle – Best practices in dispatch and operations.

Retail Huddle – Best practices for C-stores retail sales.

Plus - Get these Free Meridian Bonuses:

Faster Receivables with Total Credit Success

Knowing you always have plenty of cash is a great feeling. This program typically shaves 4 to 6 days in collection time off your total receivables, which means more cash in your account and less time being the bank for someone else.

All-Access Passes to Meridian Live Events

Meridian is committed to keeping your petro business on the cutting edge. That’s why we’re giving you all-access passes to two of our most powerful events: The CEO Exchange and Focus on Competitive Advantage!

At Focus on Competitive Advantage, two of your key players will spend two days gaining the tools to out-think and out-maneuver your competition! Get ready for intense days of interactive learning from the most in-demand experts in business! Your FOCA experience includes an extra half day of topic focused workshops.

At CEO Exchange, CEOs brainstorm and debate with other CEOs from non-competing businesses discussing the greatest innovative ideas in the petro industry. Amazing minds at each roundtable = incredible insights that will catapult your business!

High-Impact, Target-Specific Learning

Each company is different and has unique situations, so we’ve created specific programs to address the most common profit builders:

Marketing – Grow your business faster and speed up sales with our Advanced Marketing Strategies that get high returns on every marketing dollar.

Acquisitions – Get all the tools you need to accelerate your acquisitions. Discover hot to target, value, execute, and even understand the mind of a seller so you get to the finish line quickly.

Leadership Transition – A true road map for success, you get a step-by-step plan for smooth position transitions, whether it’s the CEO, office manager or dispatcher.

All of this value plus a six-figure profit increase guarantee at an incredibly affordable low monthly fee based on company size.

*M-Power™ is a full-year program requiring a minimum of 12 months’ participation. Our six-figure profit increase guarantee requires completing the 12 team coaching sessions. Most M-Power™ clients, because of their results and success, continue participation after their first year at a specially reduced rate only available to alumni.

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