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The experience has been positive. Sometimes questions require immediate answers, but only after we hang up do I really put great thought into those questions, and many times, I find myself with answers that I didn’t even realize we had before. We have actually taken Meridian’s advice and suggestions, and implemented those into our operation helping improve our people’s efficiency in ways that better serve our customers. Our relationship with Meridian and Field Delivery Services has been very positive.
Rick Freitas, Fuel Delivery Services, Inc.

Meridian is great because it allows you a place to bounce questions off of someone who is in touch with the industry and has heard from other people what helps them. When you have a problem you’re dealing with or when you have a situation you need guidance on, working with Meridian is great. Betsi and her team really have put forth a lot of effort, not only on their website and the M-Power Program, but in the conferences that we come to. They bring in great speakers, and they help you leave with ideas that can benefit your company.
Shawn Robinson, Davidson Oil Company

I have been affiliated with Betsi for over 20 years. In recent years, we’ve gotten the most value from her company by being a part of her M-Power™ program. The meetings are great. The resources she provides to all of our employees at different levels has been very beneficial, not only to me as an owner but the entire organization. I would highly recommend anyone that’s not familiar with her and her team to explore it and to see how she can bring a lot of added value to what you do every day.
Tony Savoie, Richard Oil

The M-Power program is great for my people to get information.   The monthly discussions with Betsi are great for me because she helps hold me accountable for items we discussed from month to month.
David Hooten, President, Hooten Oil, Seminole, OK

I have had so many positive experiences with Meridian over the last 10 years, where do I start?

    • Meridian has been my best resource to find answers to the toughest problems in the Petroleum Business.
    • Meridian has a great approach to helping Marketers tackle their biggest challenges in this ever-changing Petroleum Business.
    • Every Dollar I have spent working with Betsi Bixby and her Meridian staff has been returned to me tenfold.
    • Betsi and the Meridian Staff are your best connection to finding solutions to growing your business profitably.
    • If you are looking to Buy or Sell a Petroleum Business, Betsi and her team of professionals will be your best option, and the best decision you will ever have made…..

Bill Rawson, President, Cardwell Distributing, Midvale, UT 

Our relationship with Meridian has been incredibly valuable as we’ve transitioned to owners of a second generation family wholesale fuel and transportation business.
Chan Davidson, CEO, Davidson Oil / Flying Star Transport – Amarillo, TX


Meridian Events


What I enjoy about the Meridian events is that it takes you out of the day-to-day transaction room of the business and makes you think big and think for the long term and the big success, and that has a lot of value. It also puts people beside you from the petroleum space that are on the path burning with you and allows you to ask specific questions of your peers and learn specific ways that they have solved the same or similar problems that you are working through the day. Currently, we are in a beautiful location in the Southwest, it’s wonderful. Within the building – within the event itself – what’s been the most fun so far is John Maxwell. What an incredible leader, incredible thinker, inspirer – I mean I’m ready to go out and solve a whole ton of problems besides our business’s challenges, so I mean, that’s a lot of value when you can get someone who has spanned many different environments to give you mental challenges and ways to solve a lot of interesting issues.
Chris Mullis, Mullis Oil

I really enjoy FOCA. I enjoyed the networking with the peers and I think it’s really valuable. It has helped us in the past to overcome some challenges and to grow our company like we’ve been doing in the past 2 years. My favorite part so far has been the presentation of John Maxwell. I think it’s really refreshing. It’s a good way to again to grow the company, to grow leaders, and really build a great team.
Luc Pepin, Pepco

Women in Petroleum

Thank you very much for the week.  It was an amazing experience!  The experience of WIP has provided me with a sense of inner peace.  I feel I gained more clarity on where I need to focus and what is truly important to me.  I AM NOT ALONE!  It is amazing to have been able to share and learn from others who have the same or similar issues!     

Debbie Dufresne Vial, Jackie Bee Investments 

This week has been such a blessing.  Being around other women who struggle with the same things as me…acting as support and guiding new ideas in personal and business growth has been revitalizing!
Jacqueline Hart, Hart Petroleum 

Thanks again Betsi for the wonderful experience at WIP.  It was such a wonderful departure from other petroleum events (non-Meridian conferences), as well as being a new, a vitally different experience for us women in such a male dominated arena.  I look forward to more experiences with this wonderful group of women! 

Gwen Gallagher Stuckey- Offen Petroleum

WIP for me was amazing. I made connections with other women that I believe will be lasting friendships. I learned that many of us struggle with similar hurdles, but when join together and discuss them we gain the knowledge of others. What has worked for them, what hasn’t. All of the women I met were strong, intelligent and well worth knowing! See you all in July!

Sue Hanson, Star Oilco

The CEO Exchange

Thank you for providing the materials and tools to help me in leading my company.
Don Broach, President – Brenco Marketing

Initially it was intimidating because we are so small. But I quickly got over it!
Holly Schroeder, Wisner West/Prime Stops

The speakers were amazing! Exchange tables were very helpful. It would be super to have one more day!
Robert Parish – Parish Oil Com.

You all seem to find the most wonderful, inspiring knowledgeable speakers. Thank You! We all learn from them.
Allison Polka – Brenco Marketing

What I found most useful was the ability to talk to people face to face and find how they are doing things.
Chip Watkins, President – Rose Oil Company

I enjoyed discussing issues with peers. This event was a confirmation that my ideas aren’t crazy.
Reed Lynch, Romine Oil Company

I enjoyed the perspective of different CEO’s. The last 5 years the only exposure has been with a study group. I liked the leadership stuff interjected and the hard questions make you think.
David Adcox – Highland Corporation

I walked away from this event with specific ideas to improve the profitability and cohesiveness of our business to the tune of 6 figures.
Bill Gallager – Offen Petroleum

Betsi does an excellent job of identifying topics of interest to CEOS.
John Wilfong, Sierra Petroleum

Loved the concrete actions that we can take with us such as the 3 steps of Crucial Conversations. Very useful.
Gwen Gallagher Stuckey

I truly think Meridian events are invaluable; especially opening my son’s eyes to the problems and ideas from other owners.
Charles Roberts, Eli Roberts & Sons.

This is my third event and I find it so important to my overall growth! At these events I know I am not alone and the only one with issues!
Jacqueline Hart, Hart Petroleum

I’m so happy I took the time to attend. I’m positioned to make my relationship with my customers and co-workers better based on respect and purpose. I’m coming away with 12 new ideas that will translate to $150,000 or better to our bottom line.
Bill Gallagher, Offen Petroleum

I walked away with more than 10 new ideas and they were literally priceless. The constant interaction was amazing.
Edgar Dugas, Dugas Oil

Like always, fast-paced, full of energy and quality ideas – 20 for me and $100K+.
Dave Froelich, MVP

The Crucial Conversations session gave me the tools I need to have for important conversations with our people empowering them to control our future. I came away with 10 ideas that will easily translate to $150,000.
Wyatt Harbert, Harbert Oil

This was a great opportunity to spend time with others in the industry, learn their ideas and share what we all are experiencing. Same amazing people!
Jacqueline Hart, Hart Petroleum

For me the sessions are a time to recharge my battery and to confirm we are moving in the right direction or need to correct the direction.
David Hooten, Hooten Oil

Meridian’s CEO Exchange was truly inspiring!
Denise Hymel, Jackie Bee Investments

Really enjoyed the Exchange sessions, Crucial Conversations and Betsi’s What’s Next and Why. I’m leaving with 18 solid new ideas to implement.
Zach Santmyer, Santmyer Oil

I feel what I learned here the last two days was tailored exactly for me. It was amazing!
Steve Hinds, Hinds Oil

I got more ideas than I could count! It was eye-opening to see how companies were doing with their next generations.
Jayton Wakefield, Wakefield Oil

I came away with 15 ideas that were literally priceless!
Brad Douglass, Douglass Distributing

What a good group! It’s always good reinforcement that I’m doing things right and I came away with 9 solid five-figure ideas.
Jodi Teal, Flying Star Transport

This was a great event that really made me think!
Charles Rooney, Rainey Cawthorn Distributing

The breakout sessions and ability to network and exchange ideas was great. I’m walking away with 7 practical money-making new ideas plus ways to communicate vision and mission.
Ron Van De Pol, Van De Pol Enterprises

Future Petro Owners

This was my first Meridian event and certainly not the last! The take-aways were much greater than any other petroleum event I have attended.   The material was great, but the best was the time spent with other marketers facing the same struggles as me.
Troy Avery – Avery Oil & Propane, Inc.

I would love this event for twice a year! It’s great to have people to talk to going through the same family issues!
Allison Polka – Brenco Marketing

It was an honor and a thrill to finally meet Betsi and her team face to face! There was a comfort and solidarity of knowing other were facing the same family business challenges.
Chris Mullis- Mullis Oil