Meridian specializes in petroleum, propane, lubricant and C-store operations and understands the unique details of your petroleum industry can value your business with far greater accuracy than other firms.

Having worked with more than 3,500 petro marketers since 1991, Meridian has seen it all and has helped many smart petroleum marketers with a variety of special situations.

Largest industry database in the U.S.

Over the years, Meridian has built what is indisputably the industry’s largest financial database of privately owned family petroleum businesses in the United States. Nobody has their finger on the pulse of the petroleum industry the way Meridian does.

Valuation is the #1 factor in every sale

A valuation is more than just a number. A properly executed valuation is a key factor for getting the most money out of your business and preserving the value of your hard work. It is the most important factor in every sale, transfer or purchase.

Petroleum valuations are unique

The petro marketplace is constantly in motion. The value of each business fluctuates relative to what is going on in the economy-at-large and, more importantly, in this unique industry. So a strong grasp of what is going on in the marketplace is essential.

Proprietary valuation method

Multiple formulas can be used to derive a value for your business, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The numbers they produce can be vary substantially. Meridian uses a proprietary combination of multiple methods to provide the greatest accuracy and confidence in your petroleum business valuation.

Your valuation impacts:

  • Possible selling price
  • How a succession, merger or acquisition is executed
  • Potential tax consequences
  • And more.

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