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As a woman in petroleum do you ever wonder…

  • Are employees taking me seriously?
  • If competitors think I’m too “soft”?
  • If there is a magic balance between work and home?
  • Is there a way for me to help my Dad retire?
  • What are the secrets to petroleum profit that the men trade on the golf course?

If you are an Owner, CEO, President, CFO, HR Manager, Controller, Vice President, Credit Manager, or have employees that report to you, this is your event – for women only – to network, get industry intel and take you and your team to the next level of success.

“This week has been such a blessing. Being around other women who struggle with the same things as me… acting as support and guiding new ideas in personal and business growth has been revitalizing!”

Jacqueline Hart,

Hart Petroleum

June 26 and 27, 2018 at Tideline Resort in Palm Beach Florida

with an informal meet and greet the evening on Monday, June 25



At this two-day event you will receive:

  • Your best ROI project identified and have a well-planned approach to get it done
  • Answers from focused masterminding sessions on your toughest challenges in the petroleum industry
  • Tools to become an even more effective leader
  • A powerful network for future reference plus lasting friendships
  • Insights for handling the toughest crucial conversations
  • An afternoon at the spa to refresh your mind, body, and spirit (included with your tuition)
  • Networking meals to informally mix and compare notes with other women



“I have never before felt such an immediate connection to a group of women and it seemed we came together so effortlessly. The content of our discussions had such a life-changing effect on me. The relaxation was also a great way for all of us to recharge our batteries… that is priceless.”

Kathy Nilles

Co-owner Missouri Valley Petroleum

Why should you attend?

  • To learn the secret to managing it all! There are tons of details to consider daily – bases to cover, budgets to deal with, and a big bottom line to shoot for. See how other women in the industry manage it all.
  • To know how to enhance and grow all of your departments and your company so everyone is on the same page.
  • To turn your newest project into a high ROI success.
  • To present your ideas with expertise and build your personal credibility with even the biggest skeptics.
  • To get your team working together, learning to overcome “built-in” objections, deal with employees that are change resistant and handle those crucial conversations.
  • To share and learn from other powerful women in the industry.





A Petroleum event designed by women specifically for women.

Reserve your Women in Petroleum Seat!